When:, 11am - 7pm

Debut Contemporary presents “Syncretism”, a solo exhibition by Hector Sandoval, showcasing his master series of works at London’s Debut Contemporary gallery. This exclusive exhibition will open to public on the 15th July 2015, with the VIP private view taking place on 16 July 2015, from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm, where the industry heavyweights including gallerists, collectors, curators and critics will be attending.

The “ Syncretism” series are inspired by Mexican pre-Hispanic roots, with a balance between light and colour, in a new contemporary form of expression. Based on elements taken from the traditional and ancient cultures of Mexico, these colorful paintings merge within a global multicultural language, creating expressions through colorful masks, large round eyes, luscious mouths, native-like silhouettes. It all connects with structures and patterns, reminiscent of pre-Hispanic murals now co-existing in a contemporary moment, like the ancestral spirit Nahual, a radiant spirit that goes beyond borders to protect our dreams.

In his painting, Hector Sandoval finds a passion for colour and balance, superposition of layers and transparencies displaying a signature style. Technique and creativity link with timeless traditional materials in the use of Amate paper, transferring a soft, natural sensation to the art creations. Hector Sandoval’s work has assertiveness and reflects figures in an enigmatic way, this “syncretism” that persist in the Mexican spirit, is

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