October, 2018


OUR LAST TANGO tells the life and love story of Argentina’s most celebrated tango dancers Maria Nieves Rego (now 83) and Juan Carlos Copes (now 86). They met as teenagers and danced together for nearly fifty years, becoming international stars and making the Argentine tango famous around the world before a painful separation tore them apart. In German Kral´s Buena Vista-style study the virtuosos reunite to open up about their journey, recreating incredible tango-choreographies with the help of a group of young dancers from Buenos Aires including acclaimed dancer Pablo Verón (The Tango Lesson).
Director German Kral was born in 1968 in Argentina and moved to Germany in 1991 to study film at the Munich Film School. A former pupil of Wim Wenders, between 1993 and 1996 he worked with Wenders on the feature film A Trick of the Light. His film Música Cubana (2004), executive produced by Wim Wenders, had its international premiere at the Venice Film Festival and has been sold all over the world.
In cinemas from 22 September.

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Part of the 15th London African Music Festival, the virtuoso violinist Omar Puente and his band play from his new album, Best Foot Forward, a mixture of complex and infectious rhythms and original melodies, performed by a multinational sextet, making for an explosive night of music.

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Jorge Thielen Armand’s directorial debut is a vivid and intimate account of the Venezuelan crisis told through the real-life struggles of a young father trying to save his family from homelessness.

Combining sharp social critique with the offbeat poetry of magical realism, La Soledad offers an engaging portrait of the effects of economic catastrophe on individuals’ lives. Director Jorge Thielen Armand’s debut feature, this film sees him return to La Soledad, a house in Venezuela once inhabited by his great-grandparents and now threatened with demolition.

The house is dilapidated—antique portraits hang from crumbling walls and garden weeds force their way through the cracks—yet in the midst of Venezuela’s economic and political crisis it has become a sanctuary for those who live there. La Soledad not only offers a lyrical evocation of a decaying world but also opens up new possibilities for documentary cinema.

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Rapper Rincon Sapiência is the new big thing to hit the Brazilian music scene. With originality, his songs are marked by influences of African, Brazilian, Jamaican, electronic and rock elements and address racial and social issues in the context of the metropolis.

His rap reveals a mood of positivity, without prejudice to the critical posture of the speech – a result of his hunger for rhyme which is beautifully aligned with his ability to play with words. His critical identity and original style are also present in his music videos “Elegância”, “Transporte Público”, “Profissão Perigo”, “Coisas de Brasil”, “Linhas de Soco”, “A Coisa Tá Preta” and his last single “Ponta de Lança (Verso Livre)”. Released in December 2016, the tune quickly attracted attention from the public and from the media, standing out among viral on digital platforms and reaching more than 4 million Youtube views. His album “Galanga Livre” is ready to be released later this year.

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