Bomba Estéreo

When:16 Jul, 7pm

Bomba Estéreo epitomise what it means to remain organic in the modern world. Their heritage hails from the mountains of Colombia and they have stayed true to this throughout their careers. Before their last album, “Ayo”, they reclined into these mountains to reconnect with true nature, both within and without. Feeling inspired by the world around them, they left the beauty of Colombia’s jungles behind and headed for Western metropolis, Los Angeles.

Whilst in LA they connected with Grammy nominated producer, Ricky Reed. Ricky masterfully took their raw, natural sound and added his own touch, transforming the album into something more accessible for a broader, global market. The album received astounding appraisal and the band is now thrilled to embarking on another global tour. The band revels in performing live and claim that “playing live is the most sincere moment of sharing the music with the public”.

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