Di Melo

When:30 Jun, 8pm
289 Railway Arches
E2 9HA
Tube: Bethnal Green
+44 20 7729 4555

Legendary Brazilian singer Di Melo plays his european debut at the East London venue featuring songs from his famous LP, the super funk eponymous album Di Melo that came out in 1975 which includes club classics such as Kilario or A Vida Em Seus Métodos Diz Calma.

40 years later, he’s back to celebrate the release of his new single – A​.​E​.​I​.​O​.​U. after his latest classic Samba-Soul LP. Di Melo will be performing his classics as well the new (incredibly funky) new tunes produced by French brilliant combo Cotonete.

Check here a video of Di Melo playing his hit Kilario.

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