Les Années Folles: A Concert for Two Pianos

When:1 Jul, 7.45pm
Where:Purcell Room
Belvedere Road
Tube: Embankment
020 7960 4200
Cost:£15 - £30

Pianists Marcela Roggeri and François Chaplin recreate the spirit of 1920s Paris with a concert of works including Ravel, Satie and Gershwin.

‘Les années folles’ (the crazy years) refers to the 1920s in France, when Paris became a thriving symbol of the avant-garde and was home to such iconic figures as Pablo Picasso, Sergei Diaghilev, Maurice Chevalier, Igor Stravinsky, Coco Chanel, Charlie Chaplin, Francis Poulenc and Erik Satie.

Artists from all over the world gathered in the cabarets of Montmartre and Montparnasse, and many of the great works of music were premiered in Paris.

Argentinian-born pianist Marcela Roggeri studied with Bruno Leonardo Gelber, with whom she has played in duo in Argentina, USA and Europe. She regularly performs in festivals throughout France and has earned the nickname of ‘the most French of Argentinian pianists’ among the critics. Based in London, she tours and performs worldwide.

French pianist François Chaplin performs widely in France and around the world, and his recordings of Debussy’s complete piano works have been widely acclaimed by the international press.

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