Moonlight (Ch’lsi)

When:23 Jul, 8.30pm
Where:Arcola Theatre
24, Ashwin Street
London, E8 3DL
Tube: Dalston Kingsland, Dalston Junction
020 7503 1646

Ch’lsi is a dance theatre piece rooted in native Mapuche culture and uses the language of contemporary dance and projection mapping to explore the legend of an Ngen spirit; who according to tradition owns the paths created by nature. If a Mapuche needs to obtain something from Ngen-rupu they must give an offering during the night. Ch’lsi means nighttime in Mapuche. The role of paths and nature in Mapuche culture are paramount since they are semi-nomadic. Further changes in the Argentine constitution as well neo-liberal policies have infringed further on ancestral Mapuche land. In Latin America all change and transformation has been violent; however, native cultures continue to exist on the continent.

This piece explores the uneasy relationship between ancestral knowledge and the dominant culture. Projection mapping evokes the mythical and real worlds of the piece; Ch’lsi weaves between generations past and the generations to come.

Part of CASA Festival.

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