Tropicalia Island

When:20 Jul, 9pm
Where:Arcola Theatre
24, Ashwin Street
London, E8 3DL
Tube: Dalston Kingsland, Dalston Junction
020 7503 1646

The world is ending. Only three safe places remain: the Himalayas, the North Pole and Tropicalia Island. A native emigration officer receives refugees (the audience) seeking asylum into her tropical paradise. Of course, there are rules and it won’t be easy for the ‘exotic white’ people to fit in.

Tropicalia Island is about extreme right-wing presidents, hot countries and cold hearts. Stereotypes provoking laughter and reflection.

Brazilian music and carnival portray a dystopian reality where there is no choice but to accept the rules. The audience witnesses the Tropicalia Island immigration process, facing absurd requirements and impossible tasks, not far from reality.

Part of CASA Festival.

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